Parrotopia – AR Blockchain Game

  • Client Prewins Limited
  • Date 12 November 2022
  • Product Parrotopia

As a consultant who wears multiple hats, I have the privilege of diving headfirst into diverse projects, weaving unique narratives, and fostering connections across the digital landscape. One such venture that notably stands out is my work with Parrotopia, an augmented reality (AR) game built on the robust architecture of the blockchain. Although my role was officially billed as a consultant, my contribution to Parrotopia was as vast and varied as a Marketing Manager’s. This blog post offers an insight into my enriching journey with Parrotopia, an adventure that is as exhilarating as the game itself.

1. Carving Out a Twitter Presence

Establishing a Twitter presence was one of the initial challenges that we tackled. Recognizing the platform’s power to shape perceptions and build brands, I knew that our strategy needed to be both authentic and compelling. I initiated a comprehensive content plan that encapsulated the uniqueness of Parrotopia, its underlying tech, and its broader vision.

Twitter became our hub for engaging dialogue, offering sneak peeks into the game’s development, and announcing vital updates. To further boost our reach, I coordinated Twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with influential ecosystem players. These sessions allowed us to interact directly with the audience, answer their queries, and showcase the game’s potential.

Within a short span, we managed to create a vibrant community of followers that actively engaged with our content. Our success on Twitter not only amplified our online presence but also allowed us to build a brand identity that resonated with our target demographic.

2. Revamping the Fundraising Deck

Next, I found myself entrenched in the task of deck modelling for fundraising. Collaborating with a web3 finance expert, we revamped Parrotopia’s fundraising deck to reflect our growth marketing and product development strategies.

We tailored the deck to cater to potential investors’ needs, incorporating key performance indicators and the projected growth trajectory. By intertwining marketing and financial aspects, we presented a holistic view of the product and its market potential. Our revamped deck not only demonstrated the robustness of our technology but also showcased our comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and customer preferences.

Our efforts culminated in a compelling narrative that piqued the interest of investors, substantiating Parrotopia’s potential as a ground-breaking AR game on the blockchain.

3. Trailblazing the Trailer Launch

The final leg of my journey with Parrotopia was the most thrilling one – orchestrating the marketing campaign for the project’s trailer launch. Recognizing the trailer’s potential to attract, engage, and convert potential users, we devised a robust marketing strategy that capitalized on our established Twitter presence.

The campaign was a blend of intrigue, excitement, and collaboration, making optimal use of various content forms. Every teaser, every update, every post was part of a bigger puzzle, creating an anticipation that crescendoed with the trailer launch.

And the result? The trailer hit a staggering 100,000 views on Twitter, surpassing all our expectations. This significant milestone wasn’t just about the numbers; it was a testament to the power of community engagement, strategic planning, and a product that genuinely captivates.

In conclusion, my work with Parrotopia is a prime example of how strategic marketing and thoughtful engagement can revolutionize a brand’s trajectory. It was a journey of learning, growing, and above all, creating something truly extraordinary in the blockchain gaming landscape. As I continue to embark on new projects, the experience with Parrotopia remains a touchstone of my career, inspiring me to continually push boundaries and create meaningful impact.