NEAR protocol

NEAR Protocol – Regional Community & Communications

  • client NEAR Foundation
  • Date 01 November 2022
  • Product NEAR India

Navigating the complex universe of blockchain, a realm of technological innovation and community-driven growth, requires strategic communication and a commitment to fostering connections. As the Lead for Communications and Community for NEAR Protocol’s regional arm in India, I’ve had the unique opportunity to carve a niche for this dynamic protocol in a burgeoning market, building a thriving ecosystem from the ground up.

1. Fostering Communications and Community

At the heart of NEAR Protocol’s success in India was an engaged and active community. With a target of building this community amidst a challenging bear market, the task at hand was monumental. Yet, with a strategic approach and a keen understanding of our audience, we managed to cultivate a community of over 7000 members within three short months.

My role encompassed managing the influencer agency contract and the PR agency contract, leveraging these partnerships to drive effective communication for the NEAR India brand. Simultaneously, we were also fostering growth and visibility for the companies we represented.

The key to our success lay in understanding the unique needs and interests of our community, providing them with content and opportunities that were both informative and engaging. The result was a vibrant community that was as invested in the growth and success of NEAR Protocol as we were.

2. Ecosystem Marketing: Building Bridges through Twitter Spaces

Ecosystem marketing played a crucial role in our strategy. We recognized the potential of Twitter Spaces as a platform for connecting with our community on a deeper level, fostering dialogues that educated, inspired, and brought people together.

Over three months, we held more than 20 Twitter Spaces with different ecosystem players. These events weren’t just about promoting NEAR Protocol; they were about providing a platform for learning and discussion, allowing our community to better understand the blockchain landscape and the unique value proposition of NEAR Protocol.

The impact of these sessions extended beyond community growth. They helped foster partnerships with our incubating projects, creating a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing and innovation thrived.

3. Project Specific Marketing Aid: Helping Incubated Projects Thrive

Part of my role also involved lending marketing aid to individual projects that we were incubating. This was a truly rewarding experience, allowing me to work closely with diverse projects and helping them realize their potential.

From advising on marketing strategies to coordinating collaborations with influencers and PR agencies, I worked hand-in-hand with these projects to ensure their success. The diversity of these projects offered a constant learning curve, keeping me on my toes and further enriching my understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.

4. Fostering Partnerships: Building Bridges within the Ecosystem

Lastly, a significant aspect of my role revolved around fostering partnerships. As a communications lead, my task was to build bridges with VCs and projects within the ecosystem. This involved understanding their needs and goals and identifying potential synergies with our projects.

By fostering these relationships, we were able to further the composability of working partnerships for our projects, creating a network of collaborators that boosted the growth and success of our ecosystem.

In conclusion, my journey with NEAR Protocol’s India arm has been a testament to the transformative power of communication and community building in the blockchain landscape. Whether it was cultivating an engaged community, fostering learning through Twitter Spaces, supporting our incubated projects, or building valuable partnerships, every aspect of my role contributed to the establishment and growth of NEAR Protocol in the Indian market.

The lessons I’ve learned, the relationships I’ve built, and the successes we’ve achieved have been truly enriching. As I look back on this journey, I’m reminded of how even the most challenging markets can be won over with the right strategy, a community-oriented approach, and an unwavering commitment to driving growth and innovation.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about the future of NEAR Protocol in India. The foundation has been laid, and a thriving community stands testament to our efforts. Yet, there’s still much to be explored and accomplished. As the Indian blockchain space continues to evolve, we at NEAR Protocol are ready to continue our journey, driving innovation, fostering community, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 world.

In conclusion, working with NEAR Protocol has been a journey of growth, innovation, and meaningful connections. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to make your mark in the blockchain industry or a blockchain enthusiast curious about NEAR Protocol’s journey, remember that building a successful blockchain brand goes beyond the technology. It’s about the community you build, the relationships you foster, and the impact you create.