backbone labs

Grave Digger – NFT Fused Liquid Staking Protocol

  • Client Backbone Labs
  • Date 25 June 2022
  • Product Liquid Staking Protocol

As a trusted advisor at Backbone Labs, I’m proud to be part of an innovative team shaping the web3 space. Our mission is fundamentally rooted in the democratization of finance through decentralized technologies. By championing multichain collaboration and interoperability, we’ve successfully launched an array of decentralized applications (DApps) on the Terra ecosystem.

Our diverse portfolio includes Gravedigger, a cutting-edge liquid staking protocol; Necropolis, a bustling NFT marketplace; Necromancer, a vibrant NFT launch pad; and NFTSwitch, a peer-to-peer NFT transfer platform.

The saviors of Skeletonpunks NFT

During the Skeleton Punks crisis, our team didn’t hesitate to act. When an unfortunate rug-pull incident threatened the project and the trust of the Terra community, we stepped in to breathe new life into the initiative, preserving community trust and reinforcing our commitment to integrity. Our actions during this time truly embody our unwavering dedication to the community we serve.

In our unwavering commitment to our community, we believe in taking the high road in all situations. This ethos was clearly displayed during the Skeleton Punks crisis when the project was on the brink of disaster. We understood the implications a rug-pull incident could have on the trust and morale of the Terra community. So, we stepped up, took the reins, and revived the project, thereby ensuring the preservation of community trust and integrity. This endeavor was not just about saving a project; it was about standing by our community and upholding the principles we believe in.

My work with Backbone Labs

Being part of Backbone Labs’ advisory team is not just a role—it’s a privilege. It allows me to contribute to a forward-thinking team and witness firsthand the transformative power of decentralized technologies.

As the Multichain Advisor for Backbone Labs, I’m instrumental in guiding the team’s strategic direction and development across various blockchain networks. My role is crucial in fostering business development, ensuring that we maintain a strong market presence and forge beneficial partnerships within the web3 space. Simultaneously, as the Communications Advisor, I’m responsible for shaping the narrative around our products and initiatives, crafting compelling stories that resonate with our audience and stakeholders.

In my capacity as a Grant Proposal Writer, I’ve been successful in securing crucial funding for our projects, articulating our vision and potential impact with precision and flair. I also oversee product development, working closely with our brilliant team to ensure we deliver groundbreaking decentralized applications that not only meet market demands but also exceed expectations.

In addition, my roles include:

  • Managing the company’s social media platforms, where I create engaging content, interact with our community, and monitor trends to keep us ahead of the curve.
  • Overseeing the company’s treasury, ensuring prudent management of resources while identifying strategic investment opportunities for sustainable growth.
  • Engaging with the team on future ideas for expansion, bringing fresh insights and perspectives to the table to help us reach new heights.

At Backbone Labs, my multifaceted role allows me to tap into a wide range of skills, constantly pushing me to stay innovative and adaptive. This journey has been an extraordinary blend of challenge and fulfillment, and I’m excited to continue contributing to our remarkable growth story.

The Road ahead….

Looking ahead, Backbone Labs has an ambitious roadmap lined up. We’re focused on continuously expanding our suite of decentralized applications, offering innovative solutions that further democratize the finance space. We’re excited about the potential of multichain collaboration and will be dedicating resources to explore and integrate with other blockchain networks, ensuring our offerings are accessible and beneficial to a broader user base.